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August 29 - September 11, 2003


Miss Africa International Pageant

Mokoli Productions will produce the first Miss Africa International Pageant at the Washington Convention Center in DC Saturday, November 1, 2003.  The evening will feature renowned African musicians, actors, fashion designers, dancers, artists and models from around the world.

A panel will judge the contestants in four categories:

  1. Fitness Attire
  2. Talent Competition
  3. Traditional Attire
  4. On Stage Interview
There will be no bathing suits.  Instead, contestants will wear sarongs displaying rich, colorful, hand-woven African fabrics.  Elders are advising Makoli Productions and will advise contestants.

The pageant will also honor African achievers through the Salute to Excellence Awards, which pageant organizers will give on the night of the pageant.  Nominees must be citizens of an African country or have one African-born parent or grand-parent.   In 2005, Makoli Productions plan to sponsor a Ms. Africa Intercontinental and include Africans born throughout the diaspora.

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