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May 9 - May 22, 2003


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Dr. Ro on Living Healthy

Dr. Rovenia Brock, affectionately known as Dr. Ro on BET.com, stopped in Washington while on a national tour to promote the use of Equal over sugar and her forthcoming title Dr. Ro's 10 Secrets to Livin' Healthy. During her talk, Dr. Rho said that one-third of African Americans are undiagnosed diabetics.

The major characteristic of diabetes is the body's inability to regulate the level of "sugar" or glucose in the blood. Equal has introduced their new product Equal 4 oz, which is an artificial sweetener that can replace sugar.

Throughout her tour, Equal has employed local chefs to create recipes substituting Equal for sugar. Chef Benny Gordon of Baltimore prepared southern pecan catfish salad, baked duck with raspberry sauce and country biscuit cheesecake in raspberries. How good was it? Delicious. Click here for recipes using Equal.


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