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The Fancy Food Show - III of III
Ten Exhibitors From the Around the African World

More than 15,000 people attended the Washington Fancy Food Show in June 2012 to visit more than 2,300 exhibitors at the largest marketplace for specialty foods and beverages in North America. The exhibitors presented more than 180,000 current, newly released, and soon to be released products from 80 countries and regions to buyers from around the world. The following are four exhibitors from the around the African world including: North Carolina USA.

See Fancy Food Show I of III to see exhibitors from Brazil, Gambia and Jamaica.

See Fancy Food Show II of III to see exhibitors from Uganda, Maryland USA and New York (Ethiopian cuisine).

Note:  I may take time for many of the videos to load and display on your computer.  Some may stop mid-stream and then start streaming as the video loads.

North Carolina USA
Good Rub
length: 30 seconds
north carollina
North Carolina USA
Hemisphere Beverages
length: 37 seconds
north carolina
North Carolina USA
Rodgers Banana Pudding
length: 48 seconds \
north carolina


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