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Port Of Harlem is a general interest magazine that focuses on topics ranging from history to travel. Port Of Harlem presents articles from a global Black perspective and integrates news and feature stories about Blacks from around the world into the magazine’s departments, which include "The Middle Passage: A Story of Survival," "Health," "The Other Side" (the contributor is incarcerated) and "Entertainment".

As an inclusive, diverse, Pan-African magazine, we know that an appreciation for diversity starts at home. The magazine’s contributors live in several countries including the United Kingdom, The Gambia and the United States of America and are of various ethnic backgrounds including Afro-European, Continental African, African-American, Caribbean and Afro-Latino.

After printing Port Of Harlem for 16 years (1995–2011), we went completely green in 2012. We release the articles in Port Of Harlem Snippets every other week, which we distribute via electronic platforms. (Back print issues are available at major Black repositories across the United States.)

Hearon-Young Publishing Company began publishing the print issue in November 1995 as a collectible that the company distributed at a Black memorabilia and collectible show. The first publication featured articles by Port Of Harlem publisher Wayne Young and printed by media ranging from the Washington Afro-American and Gary Post-Tribune newspapers to American Legacy and Upscale magazines. Additionally, the company began producing Port Of Harlem Snippets on January 31, 2003. It also hosts special events that are open to the public during the year.

Young named the magazine after Harlem, the world’s most famous Pan-African community, to reflect the magazine’s editorial perspective. After publishing annually in black and white for the first four years and biannually for the following four, Port Of Harlem became a quarterly publication in November 2003. To meet the challenges caused by changing reading habits, Port Of Harlem returned to being a biannual publication in November 2009, is now completely green, and released its first mobile friendly issue June 15, 2015.

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First biannual issue
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