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C.R. Gibbs

Carroll C.R. Gibbs contributes to

Port of Harlem's Praising the Past department.

He is the author/co-author of six books and a frequent national and international lecturer on an array of historical topics. He has appeared several times on the History Channel and French and Belgian television.  He wrote, researched, and narrated Sketches in Color, for WHUT-TV, the Howard University television station.  “Sketches in Color,” is a 13-part companion series to the acclaimed PBS series, The Civil War.

The Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum features Gibbs on its Online Academy website. He is also a D.C. Humanities Council scholar. In 1989, he founded the African History & Culture Lecture Series whose scholars provide free presentations at libraries, churches, and other locations in the Washington-Baltimore area.

In 1997, he led 26 people across the African continent. He won the 2008 Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation in Public Education, given annually by the Mayor of the District of Columbia. In 2009, the Congressional Black Caucus Veterans Braintrust honored Gibbs for his more than three decades of articles, exhibits, and presentations on the military heritage of Africans and African Americans.

In 2011, he provided historical commentary for WUSA-TV, Channel 9's coverage of the dedication of the King Memorial. In February 2013, he also appeared in the PBS documentary, Meet Me at Equality on the 1963 March on Washington. That same year, Gibbs also spoke at the annual observance of International Emancipation Day in Toronto, Canada.

In 2014, the National Civil War Project featured Gibbs as a speaker at an event sponsored by Arena Stage and George Washington University. Also in 2014, the Washington Informer newspaper chose Gibbs as one of the 50 most influential people in Washington, D.C.

In 2015, Zindagi 360, a fast-paced lifestyle and entertainment show that the Voice of America aims at young Pakistanis, featured a presentation by Gibbs.



Recent Media Appearances

Print - Port Of Harlem

November 2011 - April 2011 Print Issue
Blacks and the Sport of Kings

06/14/12 - 06/27/12
The War of 1812: a Black Bicentennial perspective

02/07/2013 - 02/20/13
The Way We Were: The Emancipation proclamation in the DMV

05/30/13 - 06/12/13
A Rare account of Nat Turner's Rebellion

07/11/13 – 07/24/13
The Unheralded Black presence at the Battle of Gettysburg

02/06/14 - 02/19/14
Africans’ Role in the First World War

09/04/14 - 09/17/14
African Americans & WW 1

02/05/15 - 02/18/15
Young, Black, & Presumed Guilty:
The Historical Burden of Being Prejudged a Menace to Society

11/12/15 - 11/25/15
Black, Brave, & Bold Part 1 - African American Congressional Medal of Honor Winners

12/24/15 - 01/06/15
Black, Brave, & Bold Part 2 - African American Congressional Medal of Honor Winners - The Indian Wars & The Interim Period

02/04/15 - 02/17/16
Black, Brave, & Bold Part 3 - African American Congressional Medal of Honor Winners - The Spanish-American War & World War I

04/14/16 - 04/27/16
Book Review: The Roughest Riders

06/09/16 - 06/22/16
Black, Brave, & Bold Part 4 - African American Congressional Medal of Honor Winners – World War II & Korean War

08/04/16 – 08/17/16
Black, Brave, & Bold Part 5 - African American Congressional Medal of Honor Winners - Vietnam War To The Present

09/01/16 - 09/14/16
Black Men Who Used Guns to Solve America’s Race Problem – Part 1

09/29/16 - 10/12/16
Black Men Who Used Guns to Solve America’s Race Problem – Part 2

01/19/17 - 2/01/17
Black Men Who Used Guns to Solve America’s Race Problem – Part 3

Print - Other

Introducing Everyday Women Who Helped
Change America
(article from SoMdNews on Gibbs)

The Washington Post - C.R. Gibbs helps to judge the annual Frederick Douglass Oratorical Contest

The Washington Post - Kwanzaa’s values a growing part of D.C. congregation’s
cultural fabric

The Washington Informer - Researcher Opens Window to Lost History

September 18, 2012
Gallludet University - Gibbs recounts path from slavery to emancipation in D.C. at Gallaudet University.


Video Urban Renewal, Negro Removal (Georgetown, DC History) Co-narrated by
C.R. Gibbs

August 2013
WHUT-TV Special Meet Me at Equality

July 12, 2014
Washington’s Civil War Forts and Parks
(click Video Playlist on the right)

November 20, 2013
Post Panel Discussion on Family & Memory (premiere of Ada M. Babineaux's documentary, I Don' Been Through The Snake's Skin & Come Out Clean), WDC

June 19, 2015
WUSA-TV Juneteenth, After Charleston Massacre  

Sep 12, 2015
Zindagi 360 (Life 360)
- The Voice of America's Urdu TV - Pakistan (Gibbs start about 18:45 minutes into the show)

Feb 14, 2016
Jim Crow Freedoms Deferred CH50 - Washington, DC

Jun 10, 2016
Zip Trip Anacostia: The History of the Neighborhood


The History Channel - How The States Got Their Shapes. C.R. Gibbs and D.C. Shadow Representative Mike Panetta talk about the District's borders and voting rights.

June 19, 2013
Joe Madison Show - SiriusXM (Talks about Juneteenth)

June 9, 2014
Make It Plain - SiriusXM (Talks African American Soldiers and the D-Day Invasion: 70 Years Later & the Truth Ain't Being Told)

March 10,
C.R. Gibbs Speaks to the Civil War Roundtable of DC on the 1st Regiment United States
Colored Troops

Dec 22, 2014
WAMU - The “Great War” – Historic Moments, Forgotten Fighters

Oct 27, 2017
WYPR -The Hard Road to Ending Slavery in Maryland



SiriusXM Radio Shows

(To listen: Click a link below and at the top of the page that opens, click the Forward icon)

Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and Black Service Members in WWI
Makes Unassailable Argument For Young People To Urgently Study Black History

2017 - African History and Culture Lecture Series at:

Location and Hours:
DC Public Library

Charles County Library

Prince George's, MD Library's Greenbelt Branch
all Prince George's, MD Libraries
or otherwise noted

Most Lectures by CR Gibbs | Free admission

Sat, Feb 25, 2p
Grand Theft Africa: The Original Scramble for A Continent
S. Bowie Library
15301 Hall Rd
Bowie, MD
CR Gibbs

Mon, Feb 27, 7p
Lost Kingdoms & Ancient Mysteries of Africa
Height/Benning Library
3935 Benning Rd NE
CR Gibbs

Tue, Feb 28, 7p
Crossing The Rubicon: The Battle for Black Public Education in DC
Greenbelt Library
CR Gibbs

Tue, Mar 7, 7p
Forgotten Fighters: African Americans in
World War 1
Greenbelt Library
CR Gibbs

Tue, Mar 28, 7p
Maryland & The Underground Railroad
Greenbelt Library
CR Gibbs

Tue, Apr 4, 7p
Afro-Latinos: The Hidden Legacy.
Greenbelt Library
CR Gibbs

Tue, Apr 11, 7p
Black (Super) Power! The Portrayal of Black People in the Worlds of Sci-fi, Comics, & The Supernatural
Greenbelt Library
William Jones

Tue, Apr 18, 7p
 A New Day Begun: The Impact of the Emancipation Proclamation in DC, MD, & VA
Greenbelt Library
CR Gibbs

Tue, Apr 25, 7p
The Electoral College (Affirmative Action for White Supremacy)
Greenbelt Library
Asa Gordon

Tue, May 2, 7p
Great Queens of the Nile: From Kemet To Kush
Greenbelt Library.
CR Gibbs


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