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Advertising Rates & Space Sizes

Location (Page) Dimensions Broadcast Frequency Cost
Homepage Tower
160 px wide x 600 px tall
(2.2 inches wide x 8.3 inches tall)
n/a $230 per year
Homepage Banner

504 px wide x 72 px tall

7 inches wide x (1 inch tall )

migrating to: 90 px tall x 728 px wide.
n/a $175 per year
Snippets Banner
72 px tall x 504 px wide

(1 inch tall x 7 inches wide)
delivered every other week via e-mail, twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook $125 per year
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1.  A draft advertisement message.  (The fewer words you use the better. We will then take it from
there to make the ad exceed your expectations).

2.  A crisp, high resolution image.

3. Payment to professionally create your high-quality advertisement. (Prepayment for all ad placements is necessary.)

4.  Your approval of the ad design, if one of our professionalgraphic designers create your ad.
Low charges for ad designs web banner ad creation is $35 to $75 or you may supply your own ad.